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Join us for the first in a four-webinar series:  Tower Networks on the Brink


Tower Networks have been managed in an analogue mode for 30+ years. Now is the time to enter the 21st Century!


The tools and technology needed to digitalise operations are here and proven. Digitilisation is the only way for TowerCos, MNOs and ESCOs to automate business workflows, compress time to revenue, reduce headcount, produce savings at scale, and disseminate data across the enterprise to all stakeholders.


In this webinar series, PowerX takes a deep dive into the proven benefits of embedding data science automation at the heart of your business.


Not only does automation increase the efficiency of operations and management teams, delivering benefits like reduced OpEx, increased revenue, and prioritised CapEx, but it can deliver the tools to benchmark excellence and enable you to become true industry innovators. 


Automate or Stagnate

Date:          Thursday, 30 May 2024.  13:00 (1pm) BST

Duration:    30 min Webinar, 10 min Q&A

This episode looks at real life examples of how you can leverage data that already exists in your infrastructure to:

  • Gain real-time visibility with reliable, high-quality operational data
  • Derive granular insights to rapidly detect inefficiencies at scale
  • Automate actions at scale to improve energy assets health and performance as well as teams efficiency


Thank you for your interest!